A Watcher Scoffs At Gravity: Crossover Morality: Supernatural & Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Well, throwing Buffy into the Supernatural world would be as much of a shock for her as for Sam and Dean with the reverse also being true. The demons in their world are humanoid more often than not (thanks meatsuits!) and the entire thing reeks of religion more than anything in the Whedonverse. Joss kept it away from religion specifically. He wanted to create things that go bump in the night and not make them sympathetic, on purpose. It was by design. The few villains that were sympathetic (Dark Willow) were by design and driven by plot. This happens in the Supernatural universe, too, but the make up of the two is entirely different.

The thing is, Buffy has always described herself as both selfless and righteous (“I was always brave and kind of righteous”) and the Winchester boys have never had that illusion.

But, also, I have to take issue with you saying Faith is better suited to the Supernatural universe. Faith was troubled, yes, but kept her moral high ground through the series in her own way. She went to prison to pay her debts and make up for her mistakes, she came back to Sunnydale to help against the First without any more incentive then “hey, you’re needed” and tried to end her own life with Angel when she truly believed she could not be redeemed. She was even willing to sacrifice her own life to bring Angelus down in the Angel series by ingesting that poison to sedate him. She’s rougher than the rest of the gang and definitely more independent but no less morally upright than the rest of them.

An argument could be made, however, for Sam and Dean having a family. Not a home, so much, but a family like Buffy does. They had Bobby, Ellen, Jo, etc and most importantly: each other so I don’t think that’s why Buffy behaves the way she does. I think its as Giles says: she’s a hero. She is incapable of making that hard call which is why he had to kill Ben to prevent Glory for recovering. Joss wrote her to be morally inscrutable when it came to the job.

The parallel I drew in the world was with Hellmouths.

(Dean: She says she’s been sitting on a Hellmouth in Cleveland. We’ve never come across those before.

Bobby: What did you think that gate was that was spittin out all those demons, ya idjit?

Dean: So you buy it? You think she’s a Slayer? Why have they been under the radar until now?

Bobby: One girl in all the world, Dean. You really think you can pick one up at the corner store like a pack of cigarettes?)

Yes, great fun that. Unfortunately the fic isn’t complete and therefore isn’t online just yet. When it is I’ll let you know! ^_^ I’m told a Faith/Dean crossover isn’t uncommon.

I don’t disagree with any of that, really, both cannon universes are so broad that there are a million and one connections that could be made, and as many different ways to interact the characters. :)

The only thing I have to agree to disagree on would be that my reasoning for saying that Faith, imo, is more suited to the Supernatural universe - for me it’s got nothing to do with her past, or her being troubled, but more the way she moves through the universe she occupies. I feel the same way about Connor, to an extent, and even Giles. 

No, I hear that Faith/Dean is actually pretty common from what I’ve seen just the last few days. But it’s not unfitting, though I think she’d get tired of his family issues after a little while, and vice versa.

Seeing this thing blogged around is so making my day. :)

Seeing this thing blogged around is so making my day. :)

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"You two don’t know Faith like I do. That look in her eyes ain’t no idle threat."
— Bobby Singer ( to Sam & Dean Winchester ) ~ ‘Dead Inside

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"Love is for children. I owe him a debt."
— Natasha Romanoff ~ ‘The Avengers’

Being inspired by Black Widow & Loki.

I do not like writing sad Castiel stuff. It hurts my poor little heart, lol.

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Apparently, I’m bored to the max, like, totally.

Apparently, I’m bored to the max, like, totally.

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Reader Input: Spoilers & Dreamcasts?

I’m thinking about this, atm, because I nearly posted (okay, did post, then deleted) a quote with a major plot spoiler in it without thinking. That got me wondering, what do fic readers think about spoilers? Do you want properly-labelled spoilers, or would you rather be surprised? If someone uses my ask box to ask me a question that would result in a spoiler, would you rather it be answered privately or posted publicly? Do tell!

I’m also wondering about dreamcasting. I occasionally dreamcast original characters in my fics, and I don’t normally release my casting choices, but recently had a conversation with a reader who seemed to want to know the cast. I think that, to an extent, that takes away from the readers ability to imagine the character the way they will, but I’m not opposed to posting about it (properly labelled, of course). Any thoughts?

Fic Blah: Dead Inside - Faith & Connor

I’m writing out a scene in which Faith and Connor have a sort of badly disguised heart to heart in Dean’s Impala, and Connor’s verbally dissecting Dean in kind of an awful way and it’s just all hitting Faith where she lives and I can’t help but think, “Connor would be a halfway decent shrink, if it weren’t for that thing where he’s got sympathy but no empathy. Man, you’re just making everything bad, Connor.”

Post-Reillys, post-old-memories Connor is a really interesting guy. Watching what little we got of him on Angel is sort of like getting a band-aide for someone like me who loved Connor and got heart hurts over what he went through. To see him so happy-go-lucky, so ready to move on with his life, even after getting his memories back was one of the few cheerful endings for a character Joss has ever given us. Then again, he pissed it away in the comics, but what are you gonna do? It’s Joss, lol.

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Fanfic Excerpt: Strangers Ch. 4

So there I am, in half a bikini,” Faith slurred past the greedy portion of pie stuffed in her cheeks, “Chainsaw over my head…” She lifted both arms up, holding her fork in the air as a stand-in for the machine, “And all of the sudden I hear this siren…”